Beachcities Church

Beachcities Church

While working at Beachcities Church I was tasked with re-branding the 30+ year old church with a visual system that stayed true to the church's roots, yet instilling a fresh and sustainable look. The history of the church's logo has been a variation of palm trees, while wanting to keep this motif, I decided to elevate and add a bit of sophistcation and refinement to the previous clip art style icons in the past. While working in this project I overhauled every inch of print matieral - from bulletin handouts, ministry cards, wall murals - as well as the entire digital footprint on web and through video. We gave the church a full brand guide and empowered the entire team to operate within the new visual system. One of my favorite projcets I've had the opportunity of working on.


Art Direction, Brand/Identity, Video, Layout, Typography, Print Design


Proposed Wall Mural Design:


Final Wall Mural Design: